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05/23/24 Ashok Chanda

Some of the common soil-borne diseases that affect sugar beet growers include Rhizoctonia and Aphanomyces root rot. Offering disease management strategy is Dr. Ashok C...

05/16/24 Mark Boetel

Mark Boetel, NDSU Extension entomologist, discusses the latest information regarding early season pests and what to watch out for in your fields 

05/09/24 Tom Peters

Approximately 83% of the 2024 sugarbeet crop in Minnesota and North Dakota has been planted. Tom Peters, NDSU and University of Minnesota Extension sugarbeet agronomis...

05/02/24 Dave Franzen

There are many important decisions to make regarding the fertilization of sugar beets. Here to help sort out nutrient management is Dave Franzen, NDSU Extension soil s...

04/25/24 Joe Hastings

Today, we’re talking about early planting along with early season treatments with Joe Hastings, agronomist for the American Crystal Sugar Company.

05/18/24 Daniel Kaiser

The warm weather has provided an early application window for sugarbeet producers. Our guest is Daniel Kaiser (ky-zer), University of Minnesota Extension soil scientist. 

04/11/24 Tom Peters

It’s the start of another Sugarbeet season and growers continue to discuss weed control. This year may be very different from 2023. Planting will begin in mid-April as...

04/04/24 Eric Branch

Welcome to the first Sugarbeet Report of the 2024 growing season! This is an opportunity to learn about the new NDSU and University of Minnesota Extension Sugarbeet Sp...